Tumble Dryers

tumble-dryer-repair-washerwiseTumble Dryer Repairs in Wolverhampton, Cannock & Stafford.

As you might have seen in the Washing Machine section the aim of Washer-wise is to give good down to earth advice but in the end to be guided by what the customer wants. Tumble dryers tend to contradict most of the repair over replacement arguments as a new tumble dryer can be purchased from as little as £100 so repair limits tend to be drastically reduced. However when you look at some condenser dryers that actually cost more than the same brand matching washing machine it is not always a throw away article.

Vented v Condenser

This is a conversation I have on a regular basis with customers and the simple answer I always give is this . . . .

If you have the facility to vent or the possibility to make this facility then ALWAYS seriously consider a vented dryer over a condensing version.

The ONLY advantage I have ever found to condenser dryers is that they don’t require a vent!

They are always:

  • Slower at drying
  • Physically less efficient at drying
  • Not substantially cheaper to run
  • More expensive to buy

So unless you cannot vent it seems illogical to consider any other option, and even if you physically cannot vent a vented dryer can be forced to condense externally by the purchase and fitting of an external condensing bucket which although slightly inconvenient effectively gets rid of the necessity to vent your vented dryer ???