Washing Machines

washing-machine-repairs-washerwiseRepairing Washing Machines in Wolverhampton, Cannock and Stafford.

Washer-Wise specialises in repairing domestic washing machines and can attend virtually any make. We try to give value for money repairs by utilizing our £29 diagnostic charge which in short gives the customer the ability to find out the viability of any repair without the encumbrance of a hefty call out charge. The way it works is that on most first calls we will diagnose the fault to the point that the customer knows how much it will cost to be repaired. At this point the customer can choose one of 3 routes . . . .

(a) repair as quoted whereby the £29 diagnostic charge is deducted from the total repair cost.

(b) replacement appliance where the estimate fee is deducted from the cost of the new appliance.

(c) no action where the £29 diagnostic charge is the only cost incurred and includes a written quote of necessary action required to repair the appliance. This is rare as most people wouldn’t phone if they had no intention of repairing or replacing ? However it can be useful if house or other insurers require verification of faults before authorizing payments for repairs etc. This can as previously mentioned be re-claimed against the cost of repair or replacement later.

Repair or Replace

This is obviously one for the individual to decide upon but the major factors are AGE, CONDITION, PREVIOUS RELIABILITY and of course COST.

If a repair turns out to be the best course of action we will always endeavour to complete as soon as possible using local and national stockists to quickly source parts, if a replacement appliance is what is needed then it does get a little more involved for the customer.

I don’t want to bore anyone with high brow technical details and specifications of washing machines as there are far too many to try to compare

In my opinion when choosing a new appliance there are four main concerns

These are listed in order of importance

(1) Reliability – Quality v Price – Value for money

(2) Looks

(3) Price – Budget

(4) Technical specification

To explain this as I’m sure there are a few reading this that would disagree

Reliability is the number 1 key as in all probability the reason you are reading this web page is because your machine is currently displaying less than reliable behaviour ! So the quality of the appliance you buy compared to its price IE its value for money can be calculated by reliability alone.