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Washing Machines

Repair or Replace

As stated on the washing machine page, which applies to nearly all appliances, not just washers, there are three main considerations:

1. Current Age of the Appliance: How old is the appliance currently?
2. Previous Reliability: Has the appliance been reliable in the past?
3. Overall Condition: What is the current state of the appliance?

It's important to consider these factors carefully, but also to weigh them against the original purchase price and the replacement cost.

For instance, if your machine is less than three years old, has had multiple breakdowns, is not in great shape, cost £250 when new, and now requires another £100+ in repairs, versus around £350 for a decent replacement, the decision is clear – it's more sensible to replace it with a more reliable and cost-effective brand.

Conversely, if your machine is in good condition, cost £400 when new, and has not broken down in over six years, it's worth considering repairs.

People's opinions will vary; some may repair what others would discard, and vice versa. Ultimately, it's a very personal decision. My advice should be taken as a guideline since each case is unique, especially when factoring in variables like individual financial situations and other commitments.

A good benchmark is 50%: if your machine originally cost £300 and it will cost £150 to repair, replacement might be a wise choice. However, consider that the cost of a replacement may have increased. As the saying goes, "You can do the math!" Use these figures to draw your own conclusions. If you need specific advice, feel free to call me for a free consultation.

Brand reliability

This issue is particularly tricky because individual experiences often influence decision-making. For instance, if you had a machine that lasted 15 years, you might be inclined to purchase the same brand again. However, it's important to pause here. Before making a purchase, consider reaching out for a free recommendation, because the brand that was excellent 15 years ago might now be under different ownership and may not maintain the same quality standards. Brand loyalty is no longer as relevant as it once was. In the past, with fewer brand choices, sticking with a familiar brand was a safer bet. However, over the last 20 years, this has changed dramatically, to the extent that some brands are now barely recognisable except in name.

A useful guideline is to be cautious of "fantastic bargains," as they often aren't as good as they seem. A key factor to consider is the length of the manufacturer's warranty. If a company offers a warranty covering "parts AND labour" for more than 12 months, it's a good sign they are confident in their product's reliability. This is because one or two repairs under warranty could consume all the profit from the sale.

For example, consider a "sale special" washing machine priced at £250 versus a model with a 2-year warranty priced at £300. If the cheaper model breaks down in its second year, the repair cost could easily exceed £50, making the more expensive machine with a longer warranty the better value. Furthermore, any repairs for the pricier machine would be covered under the warranty. While this isn't a strict rule—some cheaper appliances can be of good quality—the warranty length is an indicator of the manufacturer's confidence in their product. Extended warranties are another option, but it's essential to be mindful of clauses, conditions, and price.
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Tumble Dryers

Brand reliability

The explanation about condensing tumble dryers can indeed delve into what some might consider "boring science," but it's quite informative. Here's the gist:

Condensing tumble dryers take significantly longer to dry clothes compared to traditional vented dryers. The process they use to convert steam back into water, and then either collect or dispose of this water, makes them higher maintenance. They have multiple filters and cleaning points, leading to more residual fluff and dust. Additionally, they tend to increase condensation in the room where they're located.

The advanced technology in condensing dryers often brings with it more reliability issues. The primary advantage of these dryers is that they don't require venting through a wall or window. However, they are generally more expensive to purchase and on some cycles they can consume more electricity.

In contrast, the old-fashioned basic tumble dryer was much simpler, consisting of a drum, motor, belt, a few pulleys, a heater, temperature sensors or thermostats, a box-like structure, a filter, and a door. This simplicity is in stark contrast to the condensing dryer, which includes a condenser housing, cooling matrix, pumps, overspill systems, extra fluff filters, heat dispersal systems, water collection tanks, and more.

Given these factors, it's understandable why a vented dryer is often recommended over its condensing counterpart. The simplicity, lower maintenance, and possibly greater reliability of vented dryers make them a more appealing choice for many users. However if you take a look at the tumble dryer section you will find much more information that dramatically changes this picture when looking towards the future of a simple purchase…

No more the humble tumble!


Where possible it is highly recommended to have two separate appliances, but regarding if space constraints make a washer dryer a necessity, it's advisable to opt for the largest drum size within your budget. While it's physically difficult to overload a washing machine due to the dry weight of clothes rarely exceeding the drum's capacity, overloading a washer-dryer during the drying cycle is quite easy. The drying load capacity is typically about half that of the washing capacity. This means a full load of washing won't dry efficiently without first removing half the wet clothes after the wash cycle. This can leave you with a bowl full of wet laundry, defeating the purpose of a washer-dryer combo.

Furthermore, washer dryers tend to take longer than separate dryers to dry clothes and are less efficient and generally less economical. Additionally, if the washer component breaks, the dryer often becomes unusable as well, which is another consideration to keep in mind.


When choosing between powder, tablets, or liquid/liqui-tabs for laundry, powder is often recommended for several reasons:

1. Cost: Powder detergent is generally cheaper.
2. Dissolution: It dissolves better in water.
3. Cleaning Efficiency: It cleans just as effectively as other forms.
4. Flexibility in Usage: Powder allows for easier adjustment of quantity, as opposed to the fixed amount in tablets.

A key tip: if you notice froth in the washer, it's a clear sign that there's too much detergent. The goal is to have discolored water. Using excess powder won't make clothes cleaner and makes rinsing more challenging.
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When it comes to choosing detergents for dishwashers, it's recommended to use "cheaper" brands but with separate salt in the salt compartment and separate rinse aid in the rinse aid dispenser. This approach is preferred over more expensive 3-in-1, 5-in-1, or multiple action tablets or liqui-tabs, which cannot perform the functions of salt and rinse aid effectively.

The role of salt in a dishwasher is often misunderstood. It does not soften the water directly. Instead, it cleans the part of the dishwasher responsible for softening water. This process is vital for the appliance's longevity. Without salt, a dishwasher's performance in cleaning dishes effectively will eventually diminish. Hence, using separate salt is crucial.

Rinse aid, on the other hand, plays a distinct role at the end of the wash cycle. It aids in drying and must be dispensed at the right time in the cycle. If a multi-use tablet is used, any rinse aid component is less effective as it dissolves at the cycle's start and is washed away before the final hot rinse, where rinse aid is actually needed.

Ironically, using cheap "own brand" powder or tablets, combined with separate salt and rinse aid, can be more cost-effective than brand-name 3-in-1 products and can yield better results. Advertisements advocating against the use of separate salt and rinse aid may not reflect the most effective approach.

Additionally, it's important to check dishes for solids like bones, cocktail sticks, wrappers, etc., and to rinse plates before stacking them in the dishwasher, especially if they have substances like red sauce or strong food colors. These can stain the plastic coatings of the baskets and corrode the internal seals. While some may argue that rinsing dishes before placing them in the dishwasher defeats its purpose, it's essential to remember that a dishwasher is designed for washing dishes, not disposing of waste. Proper maintenance and prevention of abuse by excess solid food or foreign objects can significantly extend the life of the appliance.
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Electric Cooker

The process of removing doors from most built-in cookers is usually quite straightforward and is designed to facilitate easier cleaning. While these instructions should be detailed in your appliance's instruction manual, it's common for many people to store these manuals in a "safe place" and not read them thoroughly.

It's also important to note that most cookers with a timer feature will not operate correctly if the clock is not set. This means that in the event of a power outage, it's essential to reset the clock on your cooker. This step is often overlooked, leading to unnecessary concern and service calls. Before reaching out for repairs because your oven has suddenly stopped working post a power cut, ensure that the clock has been correctly reset. This simple check can save you the time and expense of an unnecessary repair call.
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Frost-free refrigeration technology, while generally effective, can present complex challenges when issues arise. This complexity is due to the design of these appliances, which often incorporate multiple temperature sensors and digital circuitry to control frost levels and minimise ice buildup. When these systems fail, the repair can be quite troublesome and costly. In some instances, the cost of the components required for repair can even exceed the price of the appliance itself.

In contrast, traditional refrigeration methods are much simpler, typically involving just a compressor, some pipes, and a thermostat, all contained within a one or two-door unit. This simplicity makes them more reliable and relatively inexpensive to repair. The shift to frost-free technology was driven by the convenience of not needing to defrost, but this has led to more complex and potentially problematic systems.

In light of these considerations, spending a small amount of time and effort to manually defrost your appliance once or twice a year can be a more practical approach compared to dealing with the potential hassles and costs associated with frost-free systems. This sentiment also extends to the innovations in tumble dryer technology; sticking to the basics often results in better overall reliability and ease of maintenance.

Hopefully, these insights are helpful in understanding the trade-offs between different types of appliances and in making more informed decisions about which types to use. For any further assistance or information, you're encouraged to reach out for help.

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