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Washine Machines

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Washing Machine Repairs

MOBILE 07973 618169 or LANDLINE FREEPHONE 0800 093 6656
Washer-Wise specialises in repairing domestic washing machines and is equipped to handle nearly any make. To provide great value for money, the company employs a £35 diagnostic charge. This approach allows customers to assess the feasibility of a repair without incurring a large call-out fee. Typically, during the first visit, Washer-Wise can diagnose the fault, enabling the customer to understand what needs to be done and the associated repair cost. At this stage, customers have three options:

Repair as Quoted: If the customer opts for the repair, the £35 diagnostic charge is deducted from the total repair cost. This option ensures that the initial diagnostic fee contributes towards the final repair expense.

Replacement Appliance: In some instances, the diagnostic charge can be deducted from the installation costs of a replacement appliance, if one is provided. This makes the transition to a new appliance more cost-effective.

No Action Taken: If the customer decides against repair or replacement, the only cost incurred is the £35 diagnostic charge. This fee includes a written quote detailing the necessary actions to repair the appliance. While this option is less common, as most customers seeking diagnostics are inclined towards repair or replacement, it can be useful in certain situations. For example, if house or other insurance policies require verification of faults before authorizing payments for repairs, this detailed diagnostic can serve that purpose. Furthermore, the charge can potentially be reclaimed against the cost of repair at a later date, should the customer decide to proceed with the repair.
Diagnosis, quote, repair appliance where economical or possible
Source, deliver and install replacement appliances
Removal and disposal of old appliances
Washing machine, repair and new installations, for Wolverhampton and Stafford areas

Repair or Replace

When deciding whether to repair or replace an appliance, Washer-Wise notes that the decision is a personal one, influenced by several major factors: the age and condition of the appliance, its previous reliability, and, of course, the cost involved.

If a repair is determined to be the best course of action, Washer-Wise aims to complete it promptly, utilizing local and national stockists to quickly source necessary parts. In cases where a replacement appliance is needed, the process becomes a bit more involved for the customer.

In terms of choosing a new washing machine, Washer-Wise advises customers to consider four main factors, listed in order of importance:

Reliability: This includes assessing the quality versus price, and overall value for money. Reliability is crucial, especially if your current machine is failing, which might be the reason you're considering a replacement.

Looks: The aesthetic appeal of the appliance.

Price/Budget: What you are willing to spend or can afford.

Technical Specification: Features and capabilities of the machine.

Washer-Wise emphasizses that while reliability is paramount, it's also important to review the performance history of a brand, even if you've had a good experience with it in the past. They suggest that before committing to the same brand after many years of satisfactory service, it would be wise to consult their Free Advice page for more insights, as brands and their quality can change over time. This balanced approach helps ensure that you make an informed decision that aligns with your needs, budget, and expectations for a new appliance.
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